From the Pixel Noir Case Files Comes… “The Mrs. & The Mark”



Shooting it out at the docks, our detective opens up his case files in the 1st page of: "The Mrs. & The Mark."

Stay tuned each week for another page of SWDTech’s first ever Pixel Noir comic!

Page 1 of the Mrs. & the Mark from the Pixel Noir case files!

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The investigation theme for Pixel Noir investigation cutscenes! Hugely influenced by Daniel Licht’s work on Dexter.

Still a work in progress, but here’s my first take on one of the many battle themes we’ll have in-game for Pixel Noir, a detective-themed Fushigi RPG.

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New original demo! “Through the Jungle” is an ethnic track inspired by Christophe Heral’s work in Beyond Good & Evil and Rayman Origins. Heral has created some amazing ethnic soundscapes and I’ve tried to create something in that spirit here. The video clip is taken from Beyond Good & Evil HD.

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That sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’re staring down a terrifying enemy. Video still is from the beautifully-drawn Legend of Korra series.

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! This fun little tune captures all the excitement of the winter holidays. Best listened to on Christmas morning or when opening presents :)

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, here’s the title track from an upcoming film called Cold Storage!

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A space anthem inspired by Yoko Kanno’s score for Macross Frontier!

WIP…still needs a lot of work, but here’s a rough cut. It’s part of my ongoing experimentation with Worldtronica.

A Mario Galaxy/Zelda-inspired demo that was created for a client. The footage is from Mario Galaxy—one of my favorite Mario games of all time!